Trade: Canada, Great Lakes

Since 1959, Fednav International Ltd. has operated Fednav Atlantic Lakes Line or FALLine, a continuous scheduled Service from Europe to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway System that offers flexible scheduling to meet its customer' needs.

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G2 Ocean

Trades: Far East + South East Asia, / U.S. Gulf, East Coast, North American Westcoast

The Norwegian line, G2 Ocean, operates one of the world´s largest open hatch fleets. All vessels are equipped with gantry cranes and rain protection. Ten newly built vessels are equipped with slewing cranes with a lifting capacity of 80 tons which can be increased to 150 tons if the cranes are operated in tandem.

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Trade: U.S. East Coast

ICL, Independent Container Line, provides a weekly container service between the European ports of Antwerp and Liverpool and the U.S. ports of Chester, Pennsylvania (close to Philadelphia) and Wilmington, North Carolina.  ICL operates this service with four of their own vessels each with a capacity of 1800 TEU.

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