Schiff der Breadbox Reederei

Trade: Northwest Africa

Breadbox, based in Schiedam in the Netherlands, offers regular sailings to West Africa with its main focus on Mauritania.  Cargoes are breakbulk and projects, heavy goods vehicles, industrial plant, steel and bulk.  

Breadbox operates one multipurpose vessel with monthly sailings from Antwerp and also several conventional reefer vessels with sailings from Vlissingen every seven to ten days.  In addition to these services Breadbox provides conventional shipping possibilities from the Eastern Mediterranean to West Africa and also an inner African service.  


Nils Rasmussen

Nils Rasmussen

Sales/ Customer Service Breadbox

Fon +49 421 36900-648
Fax +49 421 36900-641

Michael Wicke

Michael Wicke

General Manager Bremen office

Fon +49 421 36900-635
Fax +49 421 36900-641